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We are “Angel Stone Technique” one of the leading and wider exporters of Natural Stones and panels. We present an exciting range of exquisite building stones including pavers.

Our Natural stone cladding panels for the most part come in different sizes subject to specific panel. Stone cladding panel thickness changes from 15 mm up to 40 mm contingent upon specific sort of panel. If you don’t mind allude to portrayals of our stone cladding panel ranges: 3D Thin Stone cladding panels, Ledge stone panels, Thin Strip panels lastly the Stone Panel System.

These interior and exterior stone cladding panels are anything but difficult to introduce and for all intents and purposes support free. As a 100% normal stone cladding item they are flawlessly reasonable for both interior and outer stone cladding applications. The stone panels rush to fit and can be introduced by an accomplished DIYer or an exchanges individual. As stone cladding UK providers, we convey all through the India and Over the world including numerous remote areas.

Company Profile

Mission & Vision

Our mission to provide both quality and quantity stone cladding tiles. Presently a day’s stone cladding tiles are high lydemanded for building undertakings and Personal homes. Giving you the best scope of Wall Cladding, for example, Multicolor Wall Cladding Tiles, Slate Wall Cladding Tiles, Gray Wall Cladding Tiles, Slate Waterfall Wall Cladding Tiles, Bathroom Wall Cladding Tiles, Wall Panels and numerous more things with successful and convenient conveyance.


Quality Stone cladding- the perfect design feature
It’s in the shading and surface region that stone cladding leaves everything else for dead. It arrives in a whole range of shades from a genuinely rich scope of blacks and whites, to splendidly conditioned reds, yellows and blues. Stone cladding makes dynamic living spaces and lovely style.

This is the place characteristic stone truly influences a plan to point. The gigantic scope of shading can be utilized as a part of any condition. It can be a peaceful, wonderful outline include, or a fantastic journey into shading utilization, an arrangement of shading and frame.

The widespread prominence of stone cladding is no fortuitous event. Creators are cheerful to work with the unlimited potential outcomes it gives and property holders cherish the outcomes. It’s likewise a decent method for taking care of insipid, dull brickwork, soothing the tedium of block facings which bore the brain and in addition the eyes and need more than a layer of paint.

As outside highlights, stone cladding can do actually anything. Getting an outer plan from the flat and crazy to the wonderful is a great deal less demanding than numerous property holders may envision. It can liven up a whole working easily, add highlights to arranging, and even improve essential garden plans like holding dividers.
Stone cladding can make a fantasy home. When you locate the stone you need, you’ll see why, and additionally how.